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The Mantle

I awoke trying to capture the second image, for the first was burned into my mind so clearly that joy filled my heart.  I lay for an hour trying to take it all in before searching for paper & watercolor to capture it, none was to be found.  Pencil & paper would have to suffice.  I asked the Holy Spirit to enable these hands to convey what I saw and a sketch came forth.  I struggled with my limited ability to convey the simplest of features and it greatly lacked understanding.  It was then that I realized that I could only capture it rightly with words....   As I endeavor to "paint" this scene, I take no liberty, but am in fact writing with the overarching knowledge of Truth and so offer insight as it was made known to me.  Mere human words constrain and minimize its intensity and grandeur. The Mantle There were two hand cut stone staircases rising upward in a straight, gentle slope.  The steps were large silvery grey multilayered slabs with rounded edges that hin


Oh, Wonderful LORD, You have broken the darkness in my heart, pierced it with Your great and brilliant Joy.   Joy is bright and light and beautiful – this is why it’s so attractive.   Within Joy is Peace – bone strengthening, up-lifting, deep breathing, refreshing Peace.   Within Joy there is Hope .   Hope that looks beyond the morrow and into eternity, Hope that sees the Your hand.   Hope that is not thwarted when storms rage but presses into Your steadfast Love.   Within Joy, Love flows freely.   It bubbles up from the spring – uncontainable, splashing all who are near.   Love that sprinkles refreshment, love that waters deep, love that swallows fear.   Within Joy there is Laughter .   A knowing, an understanding, an easy laugh that builds up, not condemns.   Laughter that that can laugh because it is secure, even in the face of tragedy – because we know Whose we are. Within Joy, Truth reigns.   Even hard truth.   Truth that is steadfast and can be rested in.   Trut

The servant gets lost in the service.

Losing oneself, that’s what we’re afraid of.   Losing our identity, not being known for who we really are.   But what if there were a better way?   A way of losing that squelches any fear of not being known rightly?   Exchanging our mediocre lives for supernatural living so that the ordinary becomes extraordinary.   Letting go of who we think we are, to embrace who God has made us to be.   Choosing to be lost in Jesus Christ. There are a few people that come to mind when I think of “lost” servants.   Ones who are so fully given over to who God has called them to be that they care little about their earthly identity and focus wholeheartedly on Christ, no matter the call or cost.   And in that willingness to be lost of self, Christ elevates them.   Put’s their ordinary lives on public display -   and they reflect Jesus!   My Aunt Dott is one of these.   She seeks neither fame nor fortune, she simply loves Jesus wholeheartedly and is faithful to follow the inspiration of Holy