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Guilt & Grace

So, this just happened.   Got hit broadside with a life lesson, and right in the midst of it I knew it wasn’t just for me, but also for someone dear to me who’s grappling with grace, and for you.   You too, if you’re reading this, it’s for you. The past few years of life have been, well, difficult.   But all through the tribulation God has given such good, good gifts.   Some tangible, others more precious than can be held in one’s hand.   Why then, would I ever not go to Him for what is needed?   Why, why, would I step out on my own? Or even worse, let the words of one far from Him seep into my life? (Oh, oh, if we truly understood the power of our words… but that’s for another time)   Dave just said “We should know better” and oh, yes, yes, we should! So, earlier this year, an opinion was spoken over a situation in our lives and though we did consider the source, we didn’t ask God if there was any validity to it or if He was even concerned about it.   Instead, we pondere