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Love in a bowl

So, what does "Love in a bowl" look like? It looks like time It looks like taking time to select things of quality It looks like choosing carefully what goes in the bowl It looks like not getting bored with the routine or mundane It looks like puttin' a lil spice in your life It looks like taking time to have fun It looks like a beautiful mess It looks like focusing on the big picture It looks like late nights of laughter It looks like eager excitement over simple things It looks like abundance It looks like looking for ways to delight It looks like tasting and seeing goodness It looks like doing the small things in big ways It looks like finding reasons to celebrate It looks like smiling with each slice - knowing the joy it will bring And today, it looks something like this. :) This bowl of love is being filled for my Sar! Today our reason to celebrate is YOU! So Friend, there you have it, love in a bowl.  Enjoy!

"Lasts" - again

Today I had something else in mind but the LORD wanted to me to share this again so, take time to consider "Lasts" and what He's wanting to say to you.  Lasts are very important to me, they always have been.  They are cherished memories, a "snap shot" held in the heart, if you will.  Last calls, last visits, last words...  I have a confession here. Because they are so important to me and handwritten notes are a lost gift, I keep several years Christmas cards tucked into the ornament box. Each year I take the previous years out of the box and re-cherish each one, holding one's love in my hands - pressing it into me heart. If it happens to be the "last" one I will have received it is reverently placed in a box my mom made for me.  But only after spending time considering what those last words represent...  One such treasure is from my Grandma Losey, whom I love dearly. She sent our family a letter when we lived in MO - she shared her gift of "


No Thing, nothing, NO THING is impossible for our God!  I have believed those words, spoken those words, clung to these words, prayed those words and last night saw them with mine own eyes. This life has afforded me several opportunities to see God mightily, miraculously work, His loving compassion being poured out.  Almost eight years ago to the day I was witness to an amazing miracle.  Words came forth from dead places, the first sign of God's promised restoration. And though it didn't look at all like what I expected, it is far greater!   Last night, once again, I witnessed first hand, God reaching into irreparable pain-filled brokenness and speaking freedom, proclaiming life, defeating the sentence of death.  His healing touch so immediately present that all who observed knew God is the same yesterday, today and forever and He heals!  I caught myself in my own faithlessness expressing "I can't believe this"  Oh in that moment I saw the contradiction I