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As is God's way with me, He will bring forth a single word, often near the beginning of the year, and He will teach me, through Holy Spirit & others, the depth & breadth of its meaning.  I've come to treasure this process with Him.  I am somewhat of a "wordie".   I get tangled at times in choosing just the right word, much to the frustration of others.  Yet, in this time with the LORD, He and I share this high value of full meaning.  It's not just the "Webster's" understanding that He, nor I, are interested in.  No, it's taking it into the deepest of places and drinking up all context and traveling to new heights to gain a new perspective, a Heavenly, eternal, perspective on a seemingly simple word.  It is also letting the "Living Word" of God have its way in me and letting it reveal and expose what needs to change and strengthening and nourishing what is weak.  Even letting it set fire to that which needs to be destroyed as a