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The Kiss

The kiss of the LORD gently brushes my check, warms my face and catches my full attention. I bask in its glow, its warmth and soak in His love. His greeting each day reminding me of His promise of new mercies. Steadfast and sure, He is true and worthy. I turn full face and this brilliance overwhelms me, this brilliance  though just mere shadow to what truly is and that thrills me. Worship rises in my soul, my heart must sing of the goodness of the LORD. My heart overflows and praise is my only response. Oh, oh, how I do love You my LORD! Sonrise

Fuss & Freedom

I was recently talking with a beautiful young lady and the topic caring for our homes and ourselves came up.  She, like I long ago, wrestled with creating a beautiful, yet child-friendly, space that reflected who she was.  Pretty baubles caught her eyes and made their new home in hers. But what once intrigued, now gathered dust.  The angst of taking care of it all when still other pretties called out, was getting the best of her.  The lovely girl also grew to hate the early mornings.  She struggled to have the time needed to get ready for the day, it took so long to get ready in the morning… After a few practical suggestions, I began to think about my own journey to freedom.   Not all would like or even benefit from what I’ve learned but, take of it for what you will. There was a time that “things” filled my life, filled cupboards, filled closets, filled shelves.   If I liked it, I bought it. (If it was in my budget of course) ;-) Time, effort & resources were given to ma