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Red Letter Day

Today was not only a "Red Letter Day" as Pastor Todd called it but a fulcrum, a turning point, a line in the sand, a new beginning... Today did not begin as any other day, though it appeared in the sameness as so many that had passed before. The day began days before with a simple email, an offer, an acceptance, then a opening of a script that would forever change my life as I've come to accept... Actually, the origin of this day began even before there was day, before time began. This day was destined as an answer to yet to come fervent prayer. In response to words yet spoken, to a heart yet formed to be changed, a life yet conceived to be altered in course and destiny to be made manifest... Why such dramatic speech? What could possibly be so amazing to warrant such prelude?  "...but God" two of my most favored words. Words that will change a life, change a course of a life. As the first pages of the the script were turned, a deep peace settled over my