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He Holds Time

Have you ever glanced at the clock just hoping that you still had a few more minutes to sit at Jesus' feet?  Five minutes, you have five minutes before...  You know, you are enrapt in His Word, you hear Him clearly speaking through a passage of scripture and you don't want to leave. You want to stay and glean all He has for you. He is so close you feel His breath and you breath Him in. Verse after verse, chapter after chapter, you glance back at the clock, you still have four minutes. How? what?  You must have looked at the clock wrong the first time. Grateful you return to His feet, page after page and you are lost to the world around you. Suddenly you wince as you remember the the task master and fear to look up. Four minutes until you have to leave...  The LORD held time, causing the sun to stand still, for Joshua.  Though He has not stopped the sun in its tracks, He has held time for me and if you watch expectantly, He holds it for you as well. The Creator of all thing

Neither Here, Nor There

Some days it feels as though I live between two worlds. One foot firmly planted right where I want to be and the other, well on a path I never imagined. The hardest part for me is reconciling the two.  I've yet to master it & in fact this is my most recent prayer request. I am not good at balancing, anyone who knows me, knows I don't ride the fence.  So this betwixt & between is rather unnerving, to say the least, and in fact, challenges my life of "being real".  Who is the "real" me, the firmly planted one or the one who questions every step on the rocky path? How can I be both??? I share this because maybe you have been where I am, maybe you see it coming in your life.  I don't have answers for you tonight, I simply say that I know the One who will reconcile all things.  "ALL" being my favorite part!  He will make sense out of all the crazy, restore ALL things & makes beauty from my ashes (this blog is, in fact, just one way H

It matters not

It matters little who I am. Each one of us has a story to tell, a life filled with love, loss, heartache, joy & laughter.  I am just a busted up pitcher.  Yes, the image that came to your mind - whether one you pour iced tea from, the one with the chip on the lip so it spills as much down the outside of your glass as gets in. Or the little creamer pitcher your gramma had in her hutch, the one with the broken handle that has glue globbed on it's listing side.  Or the one that you pour oil with, the one with the faint crack you overlook because you never think to replace it while you are shopping.  Oh, or maybe it's the purple plastic juice jug that hit the heating coil in the dishwasher... melted a hole an inch from the top but you never fill it that full anyway. No matter what image came to your mind, that's me.  The true value of a pitcher is not it's appearance or even its purpose but it's what the pitcher holds that is precious.  The sole purpose of the p