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Rightly Approaching the Throne of Grace

Your Spirit O’ God is stirred up within me.   Your ways are so far above my understanding, but that You would care to speak to man, to me, is beyond me.   The Almighty God, the Maker of All, the Only LORD, He should care to bend down, to incline His ear to us… this is too grand for us to fully understand.    And in our lack of understanding, we take for granted this great, awesome and wonderful gift, and our words are foul in your ears.   Who, who are we in the sight of the Almighty God?   Who, who are we that we should even speak in His presence.   Oh, but that You made a way for us to come – JESUS.   But in that should we abuse the Lover of our soul?   Should we let our souls vent in the Presence of the King of Kings and LORD of Lords?   No, we are not timid in your Presence for the beautiful Blood of Christ covers us and You have made us Your righteousness (amazing!) but why, why would we carry filth into the Presence of our God? You alone have afforded us to come into the Thr