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The Little Drummer

When you sing The Little Drummer Boy in church, and you’re wrecked…
I want my heart to be like rich, tilled soil. Ready for God’s Word, ready for God’s will. At least that’s what I tell myself.  And then, this simple, song with its annoying pa rum pum pum pums challenges my obedience. And my heart sees itself and is ashamed. You see, this young boy’s heart had to worship the King. It wouldn’t rest until it had spent itself adoring Him. He yearned to bring a gift to the Almighty and was grieved at his empty hands. But even that wouldn’t stop him, so he gave the only thing he had, his talents. 
Oh, oh, oh. God, in His generosity to us has given us gifts, that we would have something to give! And I stood there, tears streaming, convicted, empty handed. I’ve not been using the gifts God has so graciously given to me, so today I have nothing to lay before the King…
Then Pastor Ryan challenges us to weigh our view of greatness against the Word of God,  specifically in the life of John the …
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Parable of the Pumpkins

My daughter, Sarah, gave me a beautiful wooden pumpkin and I was just waiting for the change of season to display it properly.  For 2 days now we’ve awakened to brisk mornings and I’ve just reveled in it. Windows open all day, all night. (There is nothing better than sleeping in a cool room with the blankets pulled up.) The first taste of Fall, this second week of September.  I was so excited, that I decided it was fall cleaning and decorating day and I had a special place for little wooden pumpkin to sit! I pulled out the tub with the rest of pumpkins that have been collected over the years, grabbed my dust cloth, put on some praise music and soaked up the time. Just slowed everything down and enjoyed every moment. Took the time to thank God as I dusted off memories. Because it was late in the day by the time I got going, I was only able to finish the dining room. (This is serious business preparing for my favorite season.) I was so looking forward to another day of what I consider pla…


What if merely hearing the word "father" strikes terror, wrenches your spirit, brings forth tears, ignites hate, churns up fear? 
If our relationship with our earthly-father is damaged then our perspective of our Heavenly-Father is damaged and we unknowingly come to see God through that broken lens and we may expect Him to treat us as our earthly-fathers does, did…. We come to believe that His love is like the imperfect love we have experienced. (If there was even any love at all...)  That God's love is punishing, demanding, cruel, neglectful... And we shrink away and build walls and let logic cover over the wounds. And we wait for the hammer to drop or we reject that He exists - all in self-defense because our heart knows, what our heart knows and it yearns for the love of The Father - the One who created it. Oh, oh… What if this is, in part, why the Son was sent to us? Jesus, the Son of God, sent to sons and daughters, proclaiming the goodness of His Father. So that w…

At the Pleasure of the King

“I serve at the pleasure of ____” These words struck a chord and as often happens, I tuck them away until one day I awake to them running through my mind with a fresh context. I had been watching a presidential TV show and the staff member replied “I serve at the pleasure of the President.” I had seen these words in employment contracts but to hear it stated caught my attention.

This morning, as I was waking, an old scenario played though my mind. One I thought was long resolved so I was wondering why it came up. Then this seemingly disconnected phrase came to mind and brought new context. “I serve at the pleasure of the King.” Ok! So now this required some pondering, and pondering for me means writing before the precious thoughts are lost.
In this particular scenario I felt I was the offended party. But in fact, that was only true in part. The rest of my feelings were due to burnout and being overwhelmed. Regardless, when I look back from this perspective and layer the words given me…


Streams of rain beating upon the rooftop in steady rhythm  Spilling over gutters and chiming along in song
Then suddenly the beat relents and tinkling drops dance And the pitter-patter upon the pavement is music to refresh the soul
It builds steadily louder and louder as the streams pour down Wave after wave the crescendo rises and falls overtake the tinkling tune
In the distance the hills glisten gold against the brilliant blue sky  Through streams poured out from billowing dark clouds looming overhead Juxtaposed light and dark, brilliant and deep, stillness and movement – a beautiful thing 
The calm, the quiet, the sun’s rays glistening on wet leaves and puddles everywhere Fresh - Serene - Abundant - Washed clean Drip drop, drippity droppity As the birds begin to sing

(Just sitting here in the living room of our not so new home and still appreciating God's perfect provision for us, able to take in the whole northern skyline through the lovely glass wall, experiencing the rain and the v…

A Good Word

God, having raised up his servant, sent him to you first, to bless you by turning every one of you from your wickedness." [Act 3:26 ESV]
This passage struck me today. That Jesus blesses us, pronounces a blessing or praise over us (And this blessing not our preconceived idea of riches bestowed, no – He speaks over us!) in that He turns us from our wicked ways, our sins. Does that strike anyone else? That Jesus was sent to turn us away from our sin! Oh, how good is our God!!! He not only provided salvation for us through His only Son Jesus’ death and resurrection, He blesses the sanctifying work Jesus does in us! 
Could it be that He woos us, draws us directs us away from distractions and unto Himself with His Words? 
Imagine this: Your everyday ordinary life and the moments you blow it. And see Jesus looking upon you and your life with a smile on His face. Yup, a smile. (Who can sing the praises over someone without a smile?!) So, He’s smiling and speaking blessing over your life…

This Friday they call good.

This day.  This Friday they call good.  This day that was anything but good. Cross and nails and thorns and blood. This day that the earth shook and the sun blackened when the wrath of God was spent.
Poured out in full upon the Holy One  who became our very sin. And if that were not enough we, the very ones He died to save, beat and spat and cursed His Holy Name.
This day. This Friday called good. This day when the veil was rent  when mercy and grace bowed low as the Holy One begged forgiveness on our behalf then the Holy One, Jesus, breathing His last – “It is finished.”
And darkness covered the land it appeared that evil had won. Silence in the heavens. Silence on the earth. Silence as we waited for God’s plan to unfold.
This day. This Good Friday. Can only be called “Good” in light of Sunday when the earth shook and stone rolled away. And in this we can rejoice our sins were crucified  and our debt was paid and death bought life on this good, good day.