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Streams of rain beating upon the rooftop in steady rhythm  Spilling over gutters and chiming along in song
Then suddenly the beat relents and tinkling drops dance And the pitter-patter upon the pavement is music to refresh the soul
It builds steadily louder and louder as the streams pour down Wave after wave the crescendo rises and falls overtake the tinkling tune
In the distance the hills glisten gold against the brilliant blue sky  Through streams poured out from billowing dark clouds looming overhead Juxtaposed light and dark, brilliant and deep, stillness and movement – a beautiful thing 
The calm, the quiet, the sun’s rays glistening on wet leaves and puddles everywhere Fresh - Serene - Abundant - Washed clean Drip drop, drippity droppity As the birds begin to sing

(Just sitting here in the living room of our not so new home and still appreciating God's perfect provision for us, able to take in the whole northern skyline through the lovely glass wall, experiencing the rain and the v…
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A Good Word

God, having raised up his servant, sent him to you first, to bless you by turning every one of you from your wickedness." [Act 3:26 ESV]
This passage struck me today. That Jesus blesses us, pronounces a blessing or praise over us (And this blessing not our preconceived idea of riches bestowed, no – He speaks over us!) in that He turns us from our wicked ways, our sins. Does that strike anyone else? That Jesus was sent to turn us away from our sin! Oh, how good is our God!!! He not only provided salvation for us through His only Son Jesus’ death and resurrection, He blesses the sanctifying work Jesus does in us! 
Could it be that He woos us, draws us directs us away from distractions and unto Himself with His Words? 
Imagine this: Your everyday ordinary life and the moments you blow it. And see Jesus looking upon you and your life with a smile on His face. Yup, a smile. (Who can sing the praises over someone without a smile?!) So, He’s smiling and speaking blessing over your life…

This Friday they call good.

This day.  This Friday they call good.  This day that was anything but good. Cross and nails and thorns and blood. This day that the earth shook and the sun blackened when the wrath of God was spent.
Poured out in full upon the Holy One  who became our very sin. And if that were not enough we, the very ones He died to save, beat and spat and cursed His Holy Name.
This day. This Friday called good. This day when the veil was rent  when mercy and grace bowed low as the Holy One begged forgiveness on our behalf then the Holy One, Jesus, breathing His last – “It is finished.”
And darkness covered the land it appeared that evil had won. Silence in the heavens. Silence on the earth. Silence as we waited for God’s plan to unfold.
This day. This Good Friday. Can only be called “Good” in light of Sunday when the earth shook and stone rolled away. And in this we can rejoice our sins were crucified  and our debt was paid and death bought life on this good, good day.

Do you really believe what you believe?

A transparent moment I feel compelled to share. I hope you are encouraged, but even more that you are challenged to believe God more. (This is from my time with the LORD this morning, pardon the rambling of my heart. But I imagine that it might, at least in part, reflect some of your own experience, so let us walk together a bit and encourage one-another.)

Good morning LORD, Today I asked You to tell me the most important thing about Yourself and I opened Your Word and it came to Malachi 1:2 “I have loved you.”  I nearly turned past it because that seemed so obvious to me, but then stopped because had I asked and so must trust that You answered.  I read the rest of the chapter and could hear Your heartbreak, that Your people had so little concern for You that they not only didn’t bring You their best, they brought you what they would not even offer the governor. (I dare say, even what they themselves wouldn’t eat…)  I am shamed because Your Word is a mirror to my own life. Do I bring …

The Throne Room

Recently my sister and I had a conversation about the Throne Room of God and it reminded me of a precious encounter with The LORD a few years ago.  I share it that it might encourage you to enter His Presence, find the Love we all so desperately need, the Peace that surpasses all understanding, and an intimate relationship with The Almighty God through His Son, Jesus. Come, He is waiting…  The room is vast and i sense others there but do not see them. i feel all eyes are on me, yet it matters not.  i am drawn so strongly to the one before me that it's as though there is a tether in my heart that is being pulled in with each solemn footfall.  i am aware of nothing else, only this and only Him. The steps before me are gray, smooth, nondescript, but for the beautiful feet that rest upon the top one.  There are three steps and as i sit on the second step and pull the robe about me, i am aware of its vastness. It is deep scarlet red and Its train covers my every step. May a hunger for His P…

The Remains of the Day

What a joyous day!

Family, love & laughter, celebrating life over a home cooked meal – is there anything better? As the merriment draws to close and the fun packed up for another day, my heart sighs at the return to normal.And though many hands make light work, it’s all cleaned up too quickly - the evidence of the day.
And in the quiet, I ponder all the love the day has held.The smiles, the conversations, the laughter, the joy, the hugs, the spills.A messy lot are we - just as it ought to be. Remembered joy is in the little things that oft we are all too eager to sweep away.  Those of us who’ve lived long enough, see the secret delight.  Scraps of happiness strewn here and there and if you’re fortunate, some are hidden from reach and live to sparkle another day.

And morning light reminds the heart and joy does rise afresh.And even more, with gratitude, I thank God for His most amazing gift, and especially for the tender reminders. And on those all too quiet days when life and bus…

Gilgal – An unknown heart’s desire fulfilled

– An unknown heart’s desire fulfilled
My response to El Greco’s painting of “Christ on the Cross” circa 1600
You’ve haunted me since early youth captured, yet not knowing why. The agony was clear to see “languish” is the word that comes yet understanding escaped me and yet I still was drawn.
For years the image would come and then go. For years I’d ponder with sorrow For years I’d long to see you again And yet still not knowing why.
A fortnight passed and world away and I knew before I turned Your presence beckoned me Heart racing, feet rushing, boldly approaching You Causing alarm, laughable now, for it was love that drew me to You
Standing in Your Presence Tears of knowing joy Love so deep its painful Soaking You in Breathing You in Never wanting to leave Grateful for the most intimate gift.
Knowing now (even in the smallest part) leaves me in awe and wonder more. Oil on canvas, nay, but more.Heavenly power imbued. It seeketh and it haunteth till the work of God is fu…