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Once, it was this way.  A long and beautiful harmony.  That was before.  Then it was a strong and sustained tune. Each unique note heightened by the single movement - never lost within. With one voice praising, with one voice rejoicing, one singular voice.  Now it is this, now it is fragmented.  One lovely, singing a new faraway song. One lonely, left to sing a somber solo.  One astray, seeking an unfamiliar tune. One wandering, seeking a song of its own. Two writing new music for the one coming. Two steadfast in harmony anew - Two echo soundly in chorus. Three finding melodies, each their own. One quietly keeping tune. One vibrant soprano soaring to new heights. One solo, vying to be heard. One silent. What once came forth in full harmonious swell, now, is only happenstance -rarely finding a common note. Random chords, like the tuning exercise of a children's band. Squeal and rasp, awkward and disjointed. The lovely harmony broken by space and will, now void of


Distrust was birthed in me the moment I looked at a situation and deemed it "not good".  That, somehow, the Author either was not good or could not be trusted to bring about goodness. It that momentary misjudgment I chose to disconnect with the One who holds all things together. To elevate my view to supremacy thereby opening the door to doubt and fear.  Once fear and doubt took up residence, the frequency with which I deemed any particular situation to be "not good" increased. And what was at one time a knee jerk reaction to pain, to wounded-ness, now became an automated response to things simply dissatisfying. It took on a life of its own. The root of ingratitude wound its way deep into my soul. Unannounced, undetected, except by those whose lives had been transformed once it had been painfully extracted. Ingratitude. If unforgiveness can hold us in bondage to depression and unrelieved grief, then surely ingratitude binds us to fear and


Who do you serve? You may reply "I don't SERVE anyone" I live in America and I am free...  Whether you know it or not you serve someone, whether you like it or not you are a slave. Now, before you start pounding out a political correction on your keyboard, bear with me. It might be an eye opening experience. We don't like the term "slave" or "servant", unless of course you are the one served. The words stick in our craw, and are bitter passing across our lips. For some, because of human atrocities and indignity and down right cruelness - the epitome of our inhumanity. For others the freedoms are too precious and the thought of giving up a single one, well that's unthinkable. "I" begins and ends all thoughts, decisions and actions. Whatever deep place is pricked by these words, might I suggest that we are offended because we don't understand, but we long to. We have allowed the flawed image humanity paints to define the Spiritua

Fullness of Love

Until we are filled with the Spirit of The Living God, until we let His Great and Sacrificial Love fill our hearts to the brim, we grasp and wail at the insufficiency of mere human love. It was never intended for broken, imperfect love to satisfy our eternal longing souls. As long as we insist that it must, we will inflict undue own-ness on those we profess to love. We will insist that their love meet our expectations or it be worthless. We will be empty regardless of how much is poured into our pitiful life. This needy love leaves all parties wounded and left wanting... Rather we were meant to seek an eternal love, a love so great no void can not be filled.  Christ's love is perfect and His Word sets the standard for an eternal perfect love: Luke 6:35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great,and you will be children of the Most High,because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. John