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Love Reigns

Still the sky His reign endures forever Yet even now hearts crack open wide Lives crack open wide Minds crack open wide To receive the depth and breadth of His great Love Can you see it? Can you perceive it? It surrounds you Envelopes you Lifts you Fills you Saves you Redeems you His reign falls It overtakes It breeches It fills hearts Fills lives Fills minds Cleansing everything in Its path His Love reigns And fills our hearts Fills our lives Fills our minds Overflows unto our world Calls us to a new place A new way Surrender.

Sometimes Love 8.30.17

Sometimes love looks like a knowing heart & bag of avocados. Sometimes loves looks like unexpected hugs that assures you that they remember, what most have long forgotten. Sometimes love looks like heart emojis & messages. Sometimes love looks like thoughtfulness – preparing with care to honor in memory.   Sometimes love looks like time carved out of busy schedules to bring sunshine, on a sorrowful day. Sometimes love looks like the prayers of many fervently asking on your behalf. Sometimes love looks like a call to make sure you are ok. Sometimes love looks an invitation to share a meal. Sometimes love looks like overjoyed hugs and exuberant thanks. Sometimes love suffers loss and pain is deep and wide and raw, but the love of others is balm. Sometimes love looks ugly – like death on a cross – but ends up being the most beautiful thing known to man – resurrection, salvation, eternal life, reunion with those who chose to accept that seemingly ugly lov

His Love

LORD, Thank You for Your ever present help.   What manner of God, loves so intimately?   What manner of God rules the nations, the galaxies, all that is, yet cares for the creation of His hands?   What manner of God loves so intensely the creation of His hands that when they circumvented His ways and aligned themselves against Him, He, as a Good Father, came into our very existence and sacrificially, painfully paved a way back, shepherding us gently with each step… You, O’ God, could have chosen any way to deal with us and our sin, yet Your solution is to enter in instead of cast out.   To redeem, not condemn.   To reconcile, never abandon.   To love, and that in abundance.   And that Love, Jesus.   Not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. Oh, that we would attempt to fathom that magnitude and cost of that great Love!   Oh that it would prick our heart and so cause us to turn to the Way, the One – Jesus.   And forsake our own ways, own thinking, a