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“Wholeheartedly fling yourself upon Him”. This always seemed about salvation to me. Oh, I’ve given Jesus my life, but this, there is more...   Today I’m given a vision, the next step in understanding.   Today it looks like a fisherman’s net being cast.   My life, your life, is the net.   I get the image of the net being cast against the sunrise. It is flung with might and rises high into the air, it hangs there briefly as it spreads wide – wholly open to the full, beautiful against the heavens, then descends quickly into the dark waters.   This is the image of being “wholeheartedly flung.”   Then, then you see, the Master’s hand can begin drawing in the catch… To be wholeheartedly flung means to fly!   But it also means to know the depths.   Beneath the dark waters, all manner of things tear at us. Slowly the Master draws us in and the drawing takes us places we do not want to go and we fear we will not withstand the strain, but His way is good, His way is purposed.  

The Heartbeat of God

To have heard, rather seen, the heartbeat of God…  Who could have imagined it possible, yet it is!  To be gathered unto His breast, head cradled in His arm – perfect peace, perfect love. The heartbeat of God is visible and He is eager for you to know…   This journal entry His revelation:               LORD, Father, Daddy, what would You want to say to Your child today? Do you hear my love for you ?   (my head is against his chest) (Yes LORD, like rays of sunshine beaming from Your heart.) This is my love for you.   Radiant and pure. Always for you not against you. Bask in my love and let it heal you.   My love is always.   It never ends.   From it the universe (infused, received, gets,) its light.    My glory dwells with me and gives light to the day but my love is sent forth in radiant beams Do you hear my love? (Yes LORD, it is like sunbeams radiating forth from your heart) My love goes forth to heal the nations touching each one’s heart.   The lig

Mirror - The Lamb

The sacrificial lamb – kept pure, almost perfect, hands laid upon its head, transferring one’s sin and guilt, knife lets flow the lifeblood, death.   So many lambs, so much death, covering until next sin. Sin, confess, death, sin confess, death… Sin still reigns. The Perfect Lamb – blameless yet beaten, defiled, received not only all sin but more - the curse upon his head – even prophetically woven into a victor’s crown, spear lets flow the redeeming, life-giving Blood. One Lamb, death conquered, eternal Grace released – sin defeated. He Reigns! Jesus, The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.