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Sometimes God...

Sometimes God
shows up in ways that blow your mind…

Today, He did just that.  Today started out much like any other, except that I’ve been in a lot of pain.  Pain so overwhelming that sleep has become difficult, so overwhelming that I’d begun to doubt if I’d be able to make it on the Israel trip.  Today I asked the LORD if the pain was to draw me closer to Him, I didn’t really wait for the answer. 

Fast forward to near the end of the work day and what seemed a simple courtesy to a visitor ended up being a God-ordained encounter of a mind blowing kind!  Can I just tell you how much I love when God orchestrates an encounter?  It’s wonderful!  Often it’s a call that makes its way to my extension, only to find out there is a common bond and in that, they receive strong truths that they would otherwise resist.  I love those!  You can’t lose when He ordains!  I digress.  Today He knew what I didn’t even now I needed and He sent a messenger to deliver encouragement, confirmation, and healing.  WOW!  I’m still reeling from it, trying to take it all in, asking Holy Spirit to remind me of all that was said, all that was given.

First, there was the encouragement.  A sister in Christ who stands as strong on the Word as I do, unwavering regardless of feelings – AMEN!  This same sister then reveals that she’s a published author… ok, LORD, you’ve got my attention.  I had a word for her- transformational, and she had a download for me!  This newfound sister, Athena, who knew nothing of my life, maybe didn’t even remember my name from the introduction, spoke truths only God knew of what He’d told me.   God told me to pray over her hands, I did and in return, she prophesied over me as she prayed.  Declaring healing and confirming the pain would not last.  As she did, surges of vibrations went up and down my legs and lower back.  Then from her hands to mine and up my arms into my neck.  Now, God has been so merciful as to bring healing to me before, but I’ve never “felt” it, just knew it and it came to be.  Today, I felt it!  And it blew my mind that He would, yet again, take pity on His daughter and touch her pain and command it leave…

She also the asked if I’d been to Israel before, I said this was my first time, she replied, “it won’t be your last”.  I literally jumped for joy!  I couldn’t contain myself, not only would I be fit for this trip, but I’s get to go again?!?!?!  Oh, I was, and am, so overjoyed!!!  Then she went on to say that I’d be traveling a lot. (Really?  I’d just had a funny convo with myself last night about this very thing.  I didn’t know why I felt so compelled to buy a travel alarm clock & not borrow one.  I told myself that any travel I did would be in the States so my cell phone would do, so couldn’t understand the unrelenting thought to buy one…) You know that as soon as I’m done typing this I’m ordering one from Amazon! Woohoo!!!!!  You may not know this about me, but I love to travel.  And God has seen fit to prepare me to receive my heart’s desire… He’s so incredibly good!

So that’s amazing right???  Oh, we’re not anywhere near done yet!  You see God, He big.  I mean really, really BIG.  He doesn’t do small things.  He lavishes His love on us.   He lavishes us with good gifts.  He lavishes us so we can be lavish with others, for Him!  AND, it encourages the Body of Christ!  As well as speaks to those who are seeking Him…

This part, well you’re going to have to wait for the details because there is too much for this time and space.  But God showed her a vision of me that confirms a prophecy that He gave me in December.  I’d been trying to rationalize with my finite, pitiful mind, how God would accomplish a huge thing He told me.  I reasoned in doubt (not of God, but of me) that it was figurative, because, after all, I’m just a middle-aged women, grandma to be exact, from Victorville.  Who am I that I’d be given such favor, such purpose…  Well, this stranger-now-sister, spoke what she saw and it was exactly what He’d told me.  Even after she gave me specific details, I defaulted to human reasoning and she cut me off and told me I would, in fact, be doing what God had said, I just needed to open my mouth and speak.  I was dumb struck. 

Suffice it say, You’ll be hearing lots more about it in the days to come.  But just know this – God speaks.  He has a plan for your life.  He will do whatever it takes to aid you in it. (even send a woman on an errand only to use her to speak His Word into another’s life.) Know this as well – He will accomplish His plan, with, or without you…  Listen!  Act!  Be obedient to Holy Spirit!  Submit your pitiful plans for your life and receive the most amazing assignment to change the world!  Surrender your will and be raised up in power to be a part of the Almighty’s Master Plan!  You might even be sent to bring a message, an answer to prayer, into the ordinary life of an ordinary person.  Or maybe you’ll be the one getting the message to jet across the world to speak to kings…


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