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A Curse Redeemed

Matthew 27:25  "Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children." Last night these Words were illuminated in a new way.  As they were read at the Good Friday service, as a memorial of the sufferings of Christ, Holy Spirit revealed a depth I’d never known before. It is retrospect that affords clear sight but I wonder if there were any prophets that saw the unfolding events and dared to see them in the light of God’s Word and marveled at His ways… As the beloved, holy people of God cried out for the death of His Son Jesus did they care that they were calling down a curse upon themselves and the generations to follow?  Was it the chaos of the crowd that caused such horrific emote?  Did they know, but in light of their blindness, not care?  Did they know that even in their worst moment they were still a beloved people of God?  Even He still used them in that moment to prophesy His great redemption. You see, what they meant in ang

Beautiful You

Hey beautiful one, you are loved and purposed by a wonderful God! Print out a little reminder from the Gifts page.

The Mountain

As I sat sharing with a dear friend about what God had been tenderly revealing to me he commented that it pleased him to hear it referred to as a “gift” because we often only think of the tangible in that way.  In that moment, I tucked that away, knowing that God & I would come back to it soon enough.  I share this, not to appear a “super Christian” or even mature, but if I have promised to be anything, it is authentic and all this proves is that in all this, God loves me enough to keep pruning and tending that He would receive the fruit of His work.  And I am so grateful not to be who I was and yearn still for who He’s making me to be. Yes, the day that I gave my life to Jesus Christ was a personal mountain top experience.   It cracked my life in two like a 10.0 on the Richter Scale (that’s earthquake speak for my “not from Cali” friends) thrusting upward the first mountain in my life and I got to ride the peak as it crested.   That was 15 years ago.   Today as I look back,