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The Remains of the Day

What a joyous day! Family, love & laughter, celebrating life over a home cooked meal – is there anything better? As the merriment draws to close and the fun packed up for another day, my heart sighs at the return to normal.   And though many hands make light work, it’s all cleaned up too quickly - the evidence of the day.   And in the quiet, I ponder all the love the day has held.   The smiles, the conversations, the laughter, the joy, the hugs, the spills.   A messy lot are we - just as it ought to be.   Remembered joy is in the little things that oft we are all too eager to sweep away.  Those of us who’ve lived long enough, see the secret delight.  Scraps of happiness strewn here and there and if you’re fortunate, some are hidden from reach and live to sparkle another day. And morning light reminds the heart and joy does rise afresh.   And even more, with gratitude, I thank God for His most amazing gift, and especially for the tender reminders.