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One Chance

Some days my soul just aches over lost opportunity. When we failed to love as we ought.  You see, so often, we get only one chance.  One chance to make a first impression, one chance to come alongside in the midst of tragedy, one chance to do it right, one chance to extend grace, one chance to say a final goodbye, one chance to be the comfort so desperately needed, one chance to introduce others to the Love of Jesus. What part of “You are the only Jesus, most of the world will ever see.” Do we not understand?! What part of “Your world is watching your life through a microscope to see if what you say is what you really believe, is lived out daily!” do we not comprehend?! What part of “Your actions speak louder than lip service – so loud, in fact, it’s how you’ll be remembered” is blinded to you?! What part of “The words you choose to use matter – they either create life or bring death in EVERY situation.”   Escapes your understanding?! What part of “Love one another as yo

The Promise

The Promise Can you see it? When life swirls and hurls and feels out of control and we’ve lost our ability to even care, what in the world are we to do? Remember the promises. Lay hold of them.   Lay our hand upon the Truth and let that Truth seep deep into every fiber of our being.   Lay hands upon the rock solid, unchanging, ever present, steadfast promises of God.   The ones given in His Word and the ones written on our hearts and the ones whispered in the dark.   Remember them, meditate upon them, breath them in.   NO thing is impossible for our God.   Did you hear that?   How many times have you said that very phrase?   But how many times have you actually dared to believe it, dared to act on it? You see, there was this girl.   She had her heart set on going to the Holy Land.   Some may call it part of a bucket list.   This was the only thing in this girl’s bucket!   Problem was she was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, who grew up to be ordinary w