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Walls coming up like blinders on a horse, narrowing the field of vision.   Focus being driven down to only what is before your eyes.   Seeming purposed singlemindedness but in reality – has become worship. This is why we must be careful about what is in front of our eyes.   Why it’s important where we lay our eyes.   If our eyes are on our jobs, then the desktop or results become our focus and our vision narrows in and soon it is front and center of our lives, in the place only Jesus should be.   If our eyes are on our families, spouses, most especially our children…   they unknowingly become idols, and come to enjoy, even expect our worship… And these, are but a few. Oh, Jesus must be before our eyes to save us from ourselves!   Take note, dear ones, next time you are focused in on what lay before you.   Is your head down, even bowed, blinders up, fully given over to the task at hand?   Step back, look up.   Christ longs to have your gaze set on Him that He may give you

Beautiful Him - Song of the Holy Spirit

His feet, rise upon the mountain His feet, set upon the earth His feet, cross the hidden valleys His feet, walk upon the seas His eyes, they look upon the nations His eyes, they scan to see who cares His eyes, they linger on His loved ones Watching over them with care His heart, it beats for all His people His heart, is full of love so pure His heart, it’s full of compassion His heart, He wants us gathered there His face, it shines so bright before us His face, it gleams with brilliant light His face, it holds our hearts desires His face, our love and our delight His love, it reaches to the nations His love, it sets the captives free His love, it reaches into darkness His love, brings sure victory His love, washes with pure water His love, heals with tender care His love, it brings about a goodness His love, it keeps us in His care His hands, hold us when we’re weary His hands, carried all our sin His hands, reach out

Yad Vashem

A million points of light.  More than a million in fact, time and a half, like stars blanketing a night sky but they surround you, envelope you. Each light representing a life, a child, that lived, laughed and then in one of the greatest evils of our history, were slain.  Slain because their name was like Markowitz or Hetzel, all because some sick mind contrived lies of superiority and others believed and carried out extermination orders. Because hatred of the Chosen People of God was fueled by perpetuated fear, by pride, instigated by the Accuser of men - whispering lies against one, telling the same to another, stirring hearts of men against each other. Yad, hand. Vashem, name. Together they mean remember. A million and a half points of light, each representing a life, a child, a name.  Each name read along with their country of origin and the name of the camp or place they were executed, never to be forgotten.  The passage promising Abraham's descendants would number as t