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Hi, I’m Christine a fellow sojourner in this life. 

My journey, and yours, began before we ever took our first breath, even before the beginning of time. You see, God put plans in place for each of us, even preparing good works for us to do to partner in His wonderful design as we live in personal relationship with Him. I entered into that relationship when I was 36 and it’s been an amazing ride since then.

The LORD called me His beloved and named me “Free.” Life has been wonderful and hard and joyous and pain-full and peaceful and sorrow-full and thrilling. And trusting in the LORD to bring goodness from it all ensures it has all been worth it!

I married my childhood sweetheart, Dave and it has been an amazing roller coaster journey for sure! He is so supportive of the call on my life! I recently jumped in to semi-retirement to focus on my writing so we packed up and moved from the home we raised our family in to be closer to our grandbabies.

Our children truly cause me to rejoice in God’s Word,

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 
3 John: 4 

Our daughter Sharon is married to our son-in-love, Kenny and have blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters. Our daughter Sarah is married to our son-in-love, Randy and has blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter and sweet grandson. Our Son Matt left a legacy of love before going home to Heaven (rejoining his twin) when he was 22.

I serve as the Director of Ministry & Events for Catalyst4Christ Ministries and do some church admin & systems consulting when I’m not writing or soaking up the goodness of my family.


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Gilgal – An unknown heart’s desire fulfilled

– An unknown heart’s desire fulfilled
My response to El Greco’s painting of “Christ on the Cross” circa 1600
You’ve haunted me since early youth captured, yet not knowing why. The agony was clear to see “languish” is the word that comes yet understanding escaped me and yet I still was drawn.
For years the image would come and then go. For years I’d ponder with sorrow For years I’d long to see you again And yet still not knowing why.
A fortnight passed and world away and I knew before I turned Your presence beckoned me Heart racing, feet rushing, boldly approaching You Causing alarm, laughable now, for it was love that drew me to You
Standing in Your Presence Tears of knowing joy Love so deep its painful Soaking You in Breathing You in Never wanting to leave Grateful for the most intimate gift.
Knowing now (even in the smallest part) leaves me in awe and wonder more. Oil on canvas, nay, but more.Heavenly power imbued. It seeketh and it haunteth till the work of God is fu…

The Throne Room

Recently my sister and I had a conversation about the Throne Room of God and it reminded me of a precious encounter with The LORD a few years ago.  I share it that it might encourage you to enter His Presence, find the Love we all so desperately need, the Peace that surpasses all understanding, and an intimate relationship with The Almighty God through His Son, Jesus. Come, He is waiting…  The room is vast and i sense others there but do not see them. i feel all eyes are on me, yet it matters not.  i am drawn so strongly to the one before me that it's as though there is a tether in my heart that is being pulled in with each solemn footfall.  i am aware of nothing else, only this and only Him. The steps before me are gray, smooth, nondescript, but for the beautiful feet that rest upon the top one.  There are three steps and as i sit on the second step and pull the robe about me, i am aware of its vastness. It is deep scarlet red and Its train covers my every step. May a hunger for His P…

Bathing in the Word of God - Mercy et al

Bathing in the Word of God
Sitting, soaking in the living Word of God, letting It have Its way in our life cleanses us, invigorates us and prepares us for life - both here and eternal. (Sensing that this is just the beginning of a series,  hope it gives you a fresh perspective and appreciation for His Word.) Imagine an old claw-footed porcelain tub and imagine you in it as the Word and Words of God are poured out over you.This, the first bath, you are drenched with Mercy, it hits fresh and weighty causing your grateful hands to be raised as you humbly wipe your face, seeing yourself as you really are, maybe even for the first time – grimy little urchin grasping at life and yet empty-handed. And just as your eyes begin to see afresh and before shame can consume, Grace is poured long and slow, inviting you to lather up, let it wash away the filth. And the lather fills the tub and overflows as Grace has its way and as Forgiveness is seeped in you lay back and take a slow breath all warm a…