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Oh, that we would know who we really are!   Romans 8:19 For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. Sit with this for a minute.  I believe there is multi-faceted depth in this verse - yes, we will be revealed when Christ returns, but I also believe this "now" passage.   The LORD has been teaching me about who I am, who we are, in Him.  There is so much that hinders our ability to believe His Word to us.  Life stuff, heartbreak, shame, sin, pride, abuse, neglect...   It is in the Light of Christ which we find out true selves.  It is in the Light of His Grace & Mercy that we are freed to live as He called us to live.  Lives of victory, lives of influence, lives of LOVE.  Overflowing, outrageous, radical, counter-culture, mind blowing LOVE!  It is there that we are truly free.  There, surrendered to the life that God planed for us before time even began.   I am having such a hard time not writing a novel on this single thought be