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Thrice Sealed

Father God in His loving care, has pressed us in His hand. Indelibly our fate is sealed untouched by any man. His love so great He sent His Son and yet again we’re sealed, Through cross and death and Blood, and yet, in Jesus we are healed. And is our God, perfectly complete, He poured His Spirit out And Holy Spirit once-for-all, sealed us - now no doubt. Thrice sealed, each member of the Godhead completing His own part. Thrice sealed, for surely we aid Him not, His grace, it needs no help. Thrice sealed, for all eternity complete and completed by Him. None can snatch us, none can have us, none can thwart His mighty will. Thrice securely, thrice assuredly, thrice, eternally sealed. Written for my son Matt as we celebrate his life and lay him in the cleft of the rock. August 13, 2016

Sometimes Love

Sometimes love is unexpected hugs that catch your breath and cast cares and linger and stand in stead and leave you filled up – sometimes love is bold. Sometimes love is early texts and morning calls reminding you that someone out there remembers, cares and it is balm – sometimes love tender. Sometimes love is cheer and remembrance in a bouquet and God orchestrates the flowers that hold special meaning – sometimes love is intimate. Sometimes love is simple plans, laughter, sharing a meal, time and unexpected fun – sometimes love is adventurous. Sometimes love is in wet baby kisses; sweet toddler greetings, young arms flung exuberantly about your waist, your arms full of wiggly ones; gentle hugs and tender words; strong, silent hugs; hands that hold another’s – sometimes love is lavish. Sometimes love comes from far places and gathers in encouraging words, hearts, smiles and likes – sometimes love is surprising. Sometimes love comes through kindnesses of stra

Springs in the Desert

Springs in the desert.   That’s what you’ve given me LORD.   In this dry and lingering season, You have been so kind, so faithful, to refresh me along the way.   It seems I’ve been here quite a long while, though You’ve been with me each and every day.   In the midst of this desert place, when I am most alone and weary, I hear You say "I see" "I know" and Your tender, intimate graces confirm it – springs in the desert.  These are truly refreshment for my soul, encouragements to endure.  Gifts only an intimate, loving God can give. Unwrap-able, yet powerful to energize with new life, even change the course a life.  These are good gifts, from a good Father and I am so very grateful.  Thank You Dad!