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Deluge Streams of rain beating upon the rooftop in steady rhythm  Spilling over gutters and chiming along in song Then suddenly the beat relents and tinkling drops dance And the pitter-patter upon the pavement is music to refresh the soul It builds steadily louder and louder as the streams pour down Wave after wave the crescendo rises and falls overtake the tinkling tune In the distance the hills glisten gold against the brilliant blue sky  Through streams poured out from billowing dark clouds looming overhead Juxtaposed light and dark, brilliant and deep, stillness and movement – a beautiful thing  The calm, the quiet, the sun’s rays glistening on wet leaves and puddles everywhere Fresh - Serene - Abundant - Washed clean Drip drop, drippity droppity As the birds begin to sing (Just sitting here in the living room of our not so new home and still appreciating God's perfect provision for us, able to take in the whole northern skyline throu