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The Word

The Word of The LORD dwells among us.   It reaches deep into places unknown, It seeks out the darkness and obliterates it with incredible light.   It soars to the heavens accomplished in Its ways.   It levels mountains and raises valleys.   It pierces the heart of man so that life is ignited.   It binds the wounds on the brokenhearted.   It heals. It saves.                It    is    Truth.    The Word of The LORD, which is His very breath, is life to us.   In fact, it is His breath alone that has power to fill us with eternal breath so that we may live forever.   We must be willing to breathe in His Truth to the inmost place, exchange the ineffectual air of the world, for the eternal Breath of God. The Word of God, the Breath of God - Jesus, His Word made flesh, dwells among us…   And in us.

He Paints

The whole of human creativity cannot begin to touch the Glory of His design. One moment pressed, no seared into my memory, my heart, is revelation of this truth.   We were at my favorite place, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles.   We’d spent the whole day there taking in some of the greatest giftings of mankind.   Mediums of all kinds; canvas, paper, clay, stone, wood, metal, books (among my favorite!) and more…   All manner of style represented; from the Masters in oils, to water colors, to interactive pieces, to light playing on pages, photography, smooth polished stone, intricately carved woods…   Something to speak to everyone.   So, what was the piece de resistance that captured my fullest attention? It was later afternoon and we were in the photography gallery and I suddenly realized the time.   We left quickly to head upstairs and out to the outcropping I’d scoped out earlier in the day.   The place I intended to be to celebrate the perfect ending to a lovely day.   If