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A Good Word

God, having raised up his servant, sent him to you first, to bless you by turning every one of you from your wickedness." [Act 3:26 ESV] This passage struck me today. That Jesus blesses us, pronounces a blessing or praise over us (And this blessing not our preconceived idea of riches bestowed, no – He speaks over us!) in that He turns us from our wicked ways, our sins. Does that strike anyone else? That Jesus was sent to  turn us away from our sin ! Oh, how good is our God!!! He not only provided salvation for us through His only Son Jesus’ death and resurrection, He blesses the sanctifying work Jesus does in us!  Could it be that He woos us, draws us directs us away from distractions and unto Himself with His Words?  Imagine this: Your everyday ordinary life and the moments you blow it. And see Jesus looking upon you and your life with a smile on His face. Yup, a smile. (Who can sing the praises over someone without a smile?!) So, He’s smiling and speaking blessin

This Friday they call good.

This day.  This Friday they call good.  This day that was anything  but  good. Cross and nails and thorns and blood. This day that the earth shook and the sun blackened when the wrath of God was spent. Poured out in full upon the Holy One  who became our very sin. And if that were not enough we, the very ones He died to save, beat and spat and cursed His Holy Name. This day. This Friday called good. This day when the veil was rent  when mercy and grace bowed low as the Holy One begged forgiveness on our behalf then the Holy One, Jesus, breathing His last – “It is finished.” And darkness covered the land it appeared that evil had won. Silence in the heavens. Silence on the earth. Silence as we waited for God’s plan to unfold. This day. This Good Friday. Can only be called “Good” in light of Sunday when the earth shook and stone rolled away. And in this we can rejoice our sins were crucified  and our debt was paid and deat