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Sometimes life...

Sometimes life is like walking through the ocean wearing a trench coat.   And the weight of the sea-soaked garb drags like an anchor.   And the waves crush in from every direction.   And you realize the salty spray upon your cheeks is a trail of tears and the briny sea you’re trying to navigate is the sum of them.

Trusted Treasures...

Have you ever held a piece of fine crystal?   Or a dandelion puff, or baby bird? Or something so delicate and fragile that is can only be held with purposed hands, cupped gently, held loosely, openly, open lest any pressure of control cause it to be lost. This is the same with some moments of our lives when we are trusted with treasures.   Sometimes our own, but if we are willing, the most precious are others.   Those once-in-a-lifetime moments.   The ones with no do-overs.   The ones that catch us off guard and we must fight the internal battle to keep hands open as we receive the sacred, often broken, and with every fiber of our being resist the gripping desire to fix.   Somethings can’t be fixed; somethings shouldn’t be fixed.   We must, in those moments, be what is needed – strong, courageous, utterly selfless. These most priceless, trusted treasures most often bring heartache and to be trusted with them means your heart will be battered.   It also means that you will