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Trusted Treasures...

Have you ever held a piece of fine crystal?  Or a dandelion puff, or baby bird? Or something so delicate and fragile that is can only be held with purposed hands, cupped gently, held loosely, openly, open lest any pressure of control cause it to be lost.
This is the same with some moments of our lives when we are trusted with treasures.  Sometimes our own, but if we are willing, the most precious are others.  Those once-in-a-lifetime moments.  The ones with no do-overs.  The ones that catch us off guard and we must fight the internal battle to keep hands open as we receive the sacred, often broken, and with every fiber of our being resist the gripping desire to fix.  Somethings can’t be fixed; somethings shouldn’t be fixed.  We must, in those moments, be what is needed – strong, courageous, utterly selfless.

These most priceless, trusted treasures most often bring heartache and to be trusted with them means your heart will be battered.  It also means that you will have a front row seat to the awesomeness of God.  Those who dare to trust us with their treasure are brave.  Brave beyond all knowing!  Willing to release the most intimate of themselves into the hands of another, oh, even the thought takes my breath.  We who receive must reverence the moment, honor the request.  Bear the weight with all the dignity it deserves.  In that moment, with open hands, we must let go.  Let go of our wants, our desires, our hopes, even our own pain and hold ever loosely that which we have been entrusted, for the day will come when all that will remain is the memory.  And we, we must not have left our mark, but rather, helped them leave theirs…

There is a time to weep, and a time to laugh
There is a time to mourn, a time to dance

There is a time to be born, and a time to die


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Buying Time

The world will tell you that “time is money.”
In part, it’s true.  Every moment is precious and we can only spend it once.  We sell off bits of the gift of time, our life, to buy things that we think add to our happiness here.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve become dissatisfied with this exchange.  This spending of the most precious to gain the fleeting.  I’ve not bought into the American “bigger/more is better” but it’s so easy to just slip into the daily-ness of life here that we can’t remember how we actually spent the past week, month, year…  Same old, same old as the sand slips quickly through the hourglass.  Oh, wealth can afford you to hire people to free up some of your time, but you have to maintain the wealth, that takes time. 
But what if I told you that you could buy more time. How much would you want? What would you be willing to sell to buy it?
The paradigm shift comes when you realize that Timeis the most valuable commodity on earth.  It’s easy, from this perspective…


Flying - 5/25/18 the first day of the rest of my life and there is a beautiful blank canvas before me...
That used to scare me, now I’m just timid about the first stroke.But the palette is being prepared for the Master and His work is always beautiful, so I rest as I wait.
Metaphors will abound today, for I love them!They breathe life into our limited language and paint deeper understanding in our minds.;-)
Last night, as I drove away from HDC, the place & people who have been my home for over 13 years, my heart broke and it was a Gilgal moment. Remembering pulling into the parking lot for the first time over 18 years ago, now leaving it for the last time…So, so much life has happened in between!And God in His faithfulness to me, bound me up in short time and as I blew a blessed kiss and waved goodbye the tears began cease and my heart, held fast within His loving hands, overflowed with gratitude for the great gift, actually a desire of my heart that I expressed on that first day…

The Watch

The watch.  All I could think of was his watch, I knew he'd have been wearing it, he always did.  I needed it, as if it held some great key with which to padlock my grief, my heart just had to have it.  And as my eyes fell upon it, I had a knowing that he'd been wearing it and I reached for it and clutched it to my heart.  The pin for the band broken, probably upon impact, tearing the leather. And there was a deep scratch on the crystal, these, the only evidence of that his breath had passed from this life and into the next.  The second hand ticked steadily on as if nothing had happened.  I almost wanted it to have been damaged, just enough to have stopped those ticking hands, to stop time, to mark the moment that a piece of my heart had been torn away. Broken, shattered, time was now warped for me. Yesterdays are now the only tomorrows I have with him.

The watch seemed too heavy in my hand.  Oh, yes, it was a large watch to be sure.  He liked them that way.  He loved watches…

your name

I hardly know how to put it into words.Yesterday my heart took at hit, and the breath knocked from my lungs, as I saw in black and white that your name had been erased from the list of our family.Oh, it’s just business, but the shock of it stirred the pain that now lives in my momma heart and it welled up and threatened to breach…
Blindsided.That’s how I feel.And if there is one thing I really hate, it is being blindsided.Somehow, if you can see it coming, you’re able to brace for the impact and not be shattered.But when out of the blue you get slammed, there is no defense.Just full impact.And it hurts in ways and places you can’t even imagine.
You’ve been gone over a year and life goes on.Oh, I know.I know it all too well.There will be those who will never have known you but my mind struggles to accept the practicality.But my heart, see it only knows what it knows – just because you are not here doesn’t mean you don’t exist anymore and my heart loves to hear your name…John-David Mat…