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your name

  I hardly know how to put it into words.   Yesterday my heart took at hit, and the breath knocked from my lungs, as I saw in black and white that your name had been erased from the list of our family.   Oh, it’s just business, but the shock of it stirred the pain that now lives in my momma heart and it welled up and threatened to breach…   Blindsided.   That’s how I feel.   And if there is one thing I really hate, it is being blindsided.   Somehow, if you can see it coming, you’re able to brace for the impact and not be shattered.   But when out of the blue you get slammed, there is no defense.   Just full impact.   And it hurts in ways and places you can’t even imagine. You’ve been gone over a year and life goes on.   Oh, I know.   I know it all too well.   There will be those who will never have known you but my mind struggles to accept the practicality.   But my heart, see it only knows what it knows – just because you are not here doesn’t mean you don’t exist anymore and