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Red Letter Day

Today was not only a "Red Letter Day" as Pastor Todd called it but a fulcrum, a turning point, a line in the sand, a new beginning...
Today did not begin as any other day, though it appeared in the sameness as so many that had passed before. The day began days before with a simple email, an offer, an acceptance, then a opening of a script that would forever change my life as I've come to accept...

Actually, the origin of this day began even before there was day, before time began. This day was destined as an answer to yet to come fervent prayer. In response to words yet spoken, to a heart yet formed to be changed, a life yet conceived to be altered in course and destiny to be made manifest...

Why such dramatic speech? What could possibly be so amazing to warrant such prelude?  "...but God" two of my most favored words. Words that will change a life, change a course of a life.

As the first pages of the the script were turned, a deep peace settled over my soul. A knowing that these words were true and a pattern to note.  A challenge to blow the sides off the box and live in freedom, fully alive.  Page by page the path became clearer and the challenge became greater.  To live out the Word of God - its truth stands and my foundation swayed beneath its weight.  

The only possibility to do such a thing is to live by the Spirit. To renounce my flesh, and live fully IN Him. I returned to praying in the Spirit knowing His prayers are perfect, not self focused. His prayers bring about the will of God, not my will. His prayers effect supernatural power to demolish strongholds. As I brought each need before Him, He prayed - perfectly. As I sought guidance He gave specific directions. I asked Him to awaken me early to incline my ear to hear Him - He was faithful and we spent glorious hours together as the sun rose in glory over the impending freedom.  I had no idea what lay just around the corner. Mere hours away, after all this time. After so much longing, so much suffering, so much despair...

Today began similarly to other days, but it was birthed deep in the shadow of the Holy Spirit's prayers. And I, the vessel of His voice, edified and prepared in the process.

As I sat on our porch swing with the Word of God and the challenge to live His Word specifically in line with His teaching of the disciples - what we call "The Sermon on the Mount" A past wrestling surfaced and I was compelled to ask Dave for his input.  

(For those who do not know our story, sufficeth to say, this was not only out of the ordinary, but because of tragedy, seemingly futile.)

But when the Spirit leads, follow.  Dave came to sit with me and as I posed my quandary, he listened intently and without hesitation proceeded to enlighten me on the meaning of God's Word.  I sat, jaw dropped. Aghast. I would say speechless, but those who know me know that only happens in the presence of God. I was amazed! The Holy Spirit confirmed Dave's interpretation! Dave opened the Word of God to me, as one who leads should. I wish you could be sitting in my living rooms right now. You'd see the radiance the Israelites experienced when Moses came down from the mountain. I am still glowing all these hours later. And why didn't I chronicle this earlier today?  Well, the story is not finished, the day is not over....

I couldn't compose myself, I thanked Dave and encouraged him as my leader. He was, as those who know him, non-plused. He had only done what was asked of him....  However, the day before God began preparing me for this moment. I had placed two choices before Dave for his decision. He wrestled greatly with what seemed a simple thing to me. He, however did not want to "tell me what to do".  I shared that I believed God was calling us to something and that when I asked the Holy Spirit for insight, He told me to ask my husband Dave.  I knew that this "simple" thing was really a proving ground for Dave to get comfortable with making decisions, because there would be BIG ones to come. He had to come to trust that the Holy Spirit would lead us each step of the way, if we sought His input. 

One of the things I brought before Dave was a shedding of material things we are bound to. We need to be free to live simply so that we can live the life Christ is calling us to.  This morning Dave agreed and began to see that his "headship" over our home was really a simple thing, not always easy, but not a daunting cookie cutter image of what our imaginations make it out to be.  I, too, saw for the first time a new image. One that is eager to follow God, takes His Word at face value and is obedient - even to great sacrifice. I will follow that ANYWHERE!!!! 
This, this was the answer to many prayers. The previous "no" was only for a greater "YES"!!!!

I was humbled in a way I have never experienced before. Submission became a new word to me. I could see clearly the blessing of God upon this order. I knew we were about to be catapulted into a new season of life, in fact, a new life. If that were not enough, the store houses of the LORD burst open over us as we sat under Pastor Todd's teaching today. Revelation after revelation came over both Dave and I. We each stole glances and squeezed hands as "Worship" was defined for us. Todd mentioned "Red Letter Day" two times during service. I knew that this was one for sure.

In my quiet time earlier this morning worship was the key emphasis. God's timing always amazes me. It shouldn't, but it still does...  As Pastor Todd shared C.S. Lewis words about how we settle for "making mud pies in the slum because (we) cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased" I knew then that we too had muddy hands...  God has so much more in mind for us and we, we have been distracted.

I have a post-it on my computer. A quote Pastor Tom shared " Do not let personal crisis distract you from the plan" Sadly, it has oft served as a reminder of my failure. Today Pastor Todd offered a demonstration of how to overcome distractions. His daughter aided him and it was a great visual of what occurs at the spiritual level (as well as our daily lives) when we rightly ascribe our worship with our level of preoccupation with God!

I was overcome with the need to mark this day. To establish it right then and there as a new beginning. Dave and I agreed that needed Pastor Todd to pray over us, to commission us for this new season of life.  Todd, as always, was so very gracious with his time (his daughter was as well!) and he spoke God's blessing over us. He affirmed Dave's headship and prayed for God to give Dave whatever he needed to lead. He prayed for my submission and trust. He prayed for us to not only seek the Holy Spirits leading, to not only know, but to be immediately obedient!  He noted the date as a "Red Letter Day"!

This story is already longer than I intended, but you are still reading, so I will continue to share what God has done!  As if this were not enough!!!!!!

We agreed to spend some time this afternoon reading Jesus' Words to His disciples and to see how they would be applied to our daily lives... wow. just - wow. 

My husband scooted his chair close to mine, opened the Word and we prayed and set our lives before God like a blank canvas.  God revealed many things to us. (Again, I wish you were here to observe me as I pen these words!!!!) OH PRAISE OUR GOD, who lives and reigns forever and ever!!!!! He is the FAITHFUL ONE!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!   !!!!!!!  We spent the whole afternoon pouring over scripture together and redefining our lives in light of It.

Today was a "Red Letter Day" and as if to declare it so, Dave commented that the passages we were reading, in my Bible, the Words of Christ are in red...  

Red Letter Day INDEED!  September 15, 2013!

Today we dedicated our lives, our home, our everything to Him 100%. We are freed!!  Todd prayed that what has come into our lives over the last years be used for God's glory. As he spoke those words, I knew they were prophetic.  Neither Dave nor I have a clear vision of what lie ahead, but this we do know, we are positioning ourselves to be used by God in whatever way He calls.  Here we are LORD, send us!

I have often said that once you get yourself inline with God's will "hold on to the comet's tail, it's gonna be a wild ride"!!!  Well I am clinging, excitedly anticipating what God will do.  

God ordained that we would celebrate this time quietly, just Dave and I (and Todd). Our family is not aware of God's mighty workings (YET)!!!!  They will learn, as you did.  (I wish I could hear the shouts of joy & the hallelujahs that will rise from all around the world!)  
God is due ALL the GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a new stone on the altar, one titled "Red Letter Day, September 15, 2013" It stands as a testament to the Faithfulness of the I AM! He who is and was and will be forever!


  1. That you and Dave are being Spirit guided is an understatement. Your words express your open and loving relationship with Christ.

  2. WOW, had a big statement in my mind but WOW is all that comes out! Blessings on Dave and you.

  3. Same here Christine.....WOW. Amazing and powerful. I am blown away by your description of the Holy Spirit's guidance and effect on your lives. Prayers continuing!


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