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Guilt & Grace

So, this just happened.  Got hit broadside with a life lesson, and right in the midst of it I knew it wasn’t just for me, but also for someone dear to me who’s grappling with grace, and for you.  You too, if you’re reading this, it’s for you.

The past few years of life have been, well, difficult.  But all through the tribulation God has given such good, good gifts.  Some tangible, others more precious than can be held in one’s hand.  Why then, would I ever not go to Him for what is needed?  Why, why, would I step out on my own? Or even worse, let the words of one far from Him seep into my life? (Oh, oh, if we truly understood the power of our words… but that’s for another time)

 Dave just said “We should know better” and oh, yes, yes, we should!

So, earlier this year, an opinion was spoken over a situation in our lives and though we did consider the source, we didn’t ask God if there was any validity to it or if He was even concerned about it.  Instead, we pondered it, took it upon ourselves, and that’s when guilt slithered in.  One simple thought, if not taken captive and made to obey Christ, alters a course and you may not know it until it’s too late…  We let the words take root and motivate us into action.  As far as the world was concerned it seemed harmless enough, but only God knows the whole of things, and even what would come as a result of our circumventing His way, even if not intentional.  He was even gracious to send me signals, sadly, I pressed them down letting guilt, words of man, rule instead.  And now today, this very day, we know the cost.  But even more than the monetary, is the knowledge that we know better.  Oh, what did we miss by not taking this to God in the first place?  What would we have avoided if we’d listen to His guidance? 

You see, the problem with guilt is that it must be satisfied, someone has to pay.  And in our humanity we mistakenly believe it has to be one of us.  Self, if we be in err.  The offender if we are the one wounded.  We forget the cross.  We minimize the work of Christ done on it.  He did away with guilt once-for-all and instead poured out grace in it’s place for those who will receive it.  Who are we to discount that?  Who are we to reject His work, and instead embrace the work of the enemy?  Oh, do you see?  That’s where it all started in the beginning and where we still battle today.  The old “I can do it! Who needs God?” Rah, rah, rah!  Self-sufficiency, it’s a sin!    But we say, “I’d never say that!” Really? Because it may not spill from our lips, but our actions, they give us away…

As I was standing at the kitchen sink, beating myself up for my failure, wondering how we were going to get out of this mess, when I heard “Guilt & Grace” and what you are reading began to unfold before me.  Then the realization that a dear one is suffering guilt and wrestling with grace, shed an eternal perspective on the whole of it.  I had to share this with Dave.  I just blurted it all out wondering if it was making any sense and he simply responded “That’s the very words I’ve been praying.”  Oh, God, you are so gracious to me!  Dave had been discouraged just moments earlier and I began to take that guilt on as well.  Dave went on to say “Guilt is not of God… and He even protected us all this time.” True words!  Truth to dispel the lie!

Just this morning I was rereading some of my conversations with God and a few things just jumped out.  One of which was Him telling me that I ask for little things and to have faith to ask for the impossible.  Coincidence? No.  So we just talked out loud, like God was in the room with us, cuz He is!, and told Him what we needed resolved.  Of course we spent a little time just putting the err of our way before Him first. Letting go of the guilt we took in and then the guilt we brought on ourselves, then accepted His grace.  Grace, the absolute, unmerited favor of God - indeed.  We all, like sheep, have gone astray, but He, the Good Shepherd, carries us home.

Both Dave & I felt the burden lift.  Guilt defeated.  Grace reigning,

So, everything’s rainbows and unicorns now, right?  Nope.  This is real life people!  We have no idea how God is going to resolve this.  Did you notice that it’s HE that will re SOLVE this?  J  We are now resting, knowing that we’ve gone to Him and asked for what we needed and that He is ALWAYS faithful and will answer.  We just need to listen and obey.  Even now, I know it will not be the way I’d want it handled, but it will be for the best.  And that’s ok, God is working for our good and that’s so much better than anything we could ask, or imagine…


  1. Remarkable. Revelation is by far, the most amazing appetizer as it leads the way for such a decadent main dish. Freedom. Incredible sister....

  2. Joining you in praying for full surrender. Praising God for his active hand in your lives & the testimonies that will follow!


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