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She refuses to give up, even when she wants to. Hopeless fixer? Maybe, but maybe she sees beyond the way things seem. She longs for an eternal perspective.  She is stubborn, refusing to accept that things will not change, even when she's faced with the "facts". God is Redeemer, she must remember to get out of the way of  The Holy Spirit and allow Him to do the work. She must not rely on her own knowledge, strength or effort.  How do you change old habits? Only The Holy Spirit can evoke turning to God in ALL things, to ask before engaging! Remind her O'God that she can trust you.

She desires to love like Christ.  Daily desires to walk in step with The HolySpirit. Seeks God's way in the midst of chaos. Questioning not His will, but rather how does His grace look in the daily things. Willing to obediently submit, even when circumstance cause concern! God is friend, how does she reflect that into the lives of those she cares for?  Only through The Holy Spirit of the Almighty God.  Empower her O'God to reflect grace and walk in step with you.

She desired freedom from the bondage that strangles out hope. Questioning her purpose in all this chaos. Try & fail, try & fail..  Unable to receive the grace & mercy held out to her.  When will it all end???  God is Savior and He reaches out to her but she is blinded by her pain.  She looks in instead of up. She reaches not for His hand, instead takes an eternal escape from a temporary problem... Now the ripples of it crush those she loved. Comfort her loved ones O' God.

She is a child of the Almighty God, Creator of all that is, co-heir to the throne, sister of Jesus Christ, beloved of the King, the bride of Christ. She sits robed in brilliant white linen eagerly awaiting His call as she goes about reflecting His love to the world. She has no worry of what tomorrow holds and is ready to follow where the Spirit leads. Her walk is not blameless, it is saturated in grace. Perfection is not her aim, obedience is. Love drives her. The great love she has received fuels her, His love flows through her brokenness...  Help us O'God to see ourselves through your eyes, rid us of that which hinders us from being who You call us to be.

Four followers.  Three longing, one resting. Three hope-filled, one hope-less.  One isolated, three in communion.  Four worshippers. Four imperfect, four wrapped in perfection. Four broken, one crushed.  One looks in, three look up.  Three thriving, one dying. Three pressing onward, one giving up. Four unworthily worthy. Four redeemed. Four legacies, three reflect God's faithfulness, one reflects mans faithlessness...    We are she.  Ask thyself, which she are thee?


  1. Heart wrenching tears flow through blurry eyes as I reed your heart and long for peace to return. Press on, sweet sister. Thank you for your courage and transparency. You are showing others the way and having far greater Godly impact than you will ever be able to see. The Holy Spirit abounds visibly in your life...especially when things get rocky. When you can't see that, please believe those who are watching you in hopeful anticipation of that very presence in their lives. Oh how you are loved.


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