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The Temple

Today I'm pondering the temple, the holy place.  Not the Temple on the Mount, not the Tabernacle, not the Tent of Meeting, but the dwelling place of God's Holy Spirit - our physical bodies.

There is a lifetime of pondering in this one single truth, like trying to stand under the greatest of falls, keeping your balance, not being crushed by the power and magnitude of its greatness, while merely attempting to quench a simple thirst, a single mouthful...  

This is, in fact impossible in the flesh, but we, mere flesh, have residing in us a portion of the Almighty God.  So we take heart and steady ourselves today for the single facet upon which we gaze.

When was the last time you stopped and let the full weight of the truth that your body is the temple of the Most High God?  Not just the spiritual dwelling place but the physical dwelling of His Holy Spirit.  Not a metaphor or religious mystery to grand-that we might disbelieve...  

God's Word says He has taken up residence IN us, in the nature of His Holy Spirit. A triune God - The Father, seated upon His throne in the heavenly realms, the Son, Jesus Christ, at His right hand ever interceding for us, the Holy Spirit - sent forth to indwell those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ alone.....   The price for this temple was paid with the most precious commodity ever to exist - the Blood of the One and Only Son of  The Most High God, Jesus the Christ.  In light of this, consider..... 

Like the Tabernacle carried through the desert, so our tabernacle is carried wherever we go......   oh, think on that a moment.   Where have you taken the Holy of Holies?   You may not have taken the Holy Spirit into a den of satanic worship, but considering the HOLY, HOLY, HOLY - is where you've been worthy?

There was a prescription for all that resided within or entered the tabernacle, the details are in Exodus 25-31, no unclean thing was allowed.  I am almost speechless.  I've been sitting here for several moments, not knowing how to move forward here.  Before sitting at this keyboard, I had been in prayer over this very thing....  Asking the HOLY to seek and destroy the unholy that I had brought into His presence... oh, humbling, humiliating, sad, regretful, mournful, fearful, Freeing................

Don't shrink back, look it full in the face and let the weight of it fall upon you till you can bear it no longer but beg Him to unburden you.  Welcome Him into the outer courts, escort Him into the inner sanctuary, take His hand and let Him lead you to the Holy of Holies - He brings with Him the Blood, the precious Blood that cleanses all It touches.  Let Him bring forth all the unclean things  before your eyes and agree with Him that they have no place in His temple.  Then worship Him as He purifies His Dwelling Place, freeing you in the process.

Think on that, rest in that....  Remember that, and consider well your next encounter.   Whom or what will be allowed entrance?  Whom or what is worthy to dwell in the presence of the HOLY Spirit of God?

1Co 6:19-20
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.


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