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Songs & Storms

Music is powerful, it reaches to deep places, invokes deep emotion.  Songs reflect what our own voice would cry if it could.  But can a simple song change your life?  It can.  If that song settles in your soul and it is birthed into prayer, rising like a fragrant offering before the LORD, then it can...

I remember the moment my life was changed and I didn't even know it until after it had come...  It was on an early morning in 2007.  As was my ritual I had the radio on as I got ready for the day. An unfamiliar tune was playing and I was casually listening until these words stuck deep chords " I pray bring me joy, bring me peace, bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that brings You glory, and I know there'll be days when this life brings me pain but if that's what it takes to praise You, Jesus bring the rain.."   I had never heard the song before, yet recognized it immediately and time stood still in a moment of deep worship and I sang out the words I had not known.  Even as the moment passed I knew that something was set in motion...    

I needed this song so I bought the cd (Mercy Me - Bring the Rain) and after listening to the whole song, it became my prayer.  Somehow I knew to pray this "whatever" prayer. (Often the most dangerous prayer voiced - "LORD, whatever it takes to_____")  I believe God sees that as a complete submission and strikes while the iron is hot to bring about His work in a life.  Even as I would sing the song over and over, each time it came to the "pain and rain" parts it sank deeper into my soul and my soul cried for it, begged for it. Like it could hear the distant roll of thunder and was calling it home...  

Unaware that the clouds had already been gathering overhead for most of the year, missing the obvious things of God, and instead cringing and calling it "life", the first raindrops had already fallen.  And then on July 6, 2007, just two short weeks after the song was birthed into to prayer and rose before the throne of God, thunder shook us to the core, lighting struck home and the perfect storm was loosed... 

and the storm rages on.  But His Glory shines through.

Only God could pour this prayer into my soul, only He could know, and in His Grace prepare me as His Holy Spirit pray through this song.

I must admit that there are times I fail to praise Him in the storm.  Then there are moments when others have asked how I could praise Him, with all that I've been through...  

This writing is dedicated in worship of the One who Is and Is to come.  The Perfect & Holy God whose Love never fails & Whose Grace is always enough.

LORD, thank you for the storm!!!

"I will give thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people I will praise You"  Is. 35:18

Mercy Me - Bring the Rain   Turn your speakers up and let the praise begin...


  1. Deeply provocative.You are so in touch with your God.

  2. Striking deeply the chords of the hearts of those who stand with you during this storm. Knowing that you are completely loved by a Great Big God and immeasurably loved by a little tiny sister.

  3. I confess that I am fearful to pray the "whatever" prayer. Your courage through the storms of life is truly inspirational.


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